The San Ramon Valley Girls Athletic League is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1974 to offer a quality recreational and competitive softball program to girls age 5 to 18. SRVGAL is the largest girls' softball organization west of the Mississipp

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SRVGAL Parent Background Check Policy
SRVGAL requires that annual background checks are conducted for the Coaches, Board of Directors, Academy Instructors, Adult Umpires, and select Parents.
The primary purpose of these background checks is to protect children by identifying and screening out individuals who may intend or have potential to harm children.
Only Players, Coaches, Board of Directors, Umpires, and select Parents who have successfully cleared the background check are permitted on the playing field or in the dugout during games and practices.
Each team will be permitted a maximum of five Parent slots that will require a background check. Once a Parent has successfully cleared the background check they will be known as a Cleared Parent. 
A Cleared Parent isn’t eligible for the parent volunteer refund unless they are also fulfilling one of the official parent volunteer refundable team positions (i.e. scorekeeper, field preparation, or team parent).
The scorekeeper and field preparation team positions do not need to be held by a Cleared Parent since their roles do not require them to be on the playing field or in the dugout during games and practices.
The Game Monitor position (see SRVGAL Game Monitor Policy for details) also does not need to be held by a Cleared Parent since their role will be mostly conducted off of the playing field except for during the plate meeting prior to the game and the rare occurrence that on field mediation is required to help defuse a situation during a game.
Parent Background Check Process:
1. Once the teams have been formed, head coaches must designate the individuals to fill the five Parent slots.
2. SRVGAL will then send the Parents a web link to our 3rd party background check processor who will handle the collection of information necessary for the background check.
3. After processing is complete, the 3rd party background check processor will return the result to the Parent and to SRVGAL.
4. SRVGAL will then provide the coaches with information on which of their Parents have cleared the background check.
5. SRVGAL will also provide each team a list of their Cleared Parents for inclusion in the scorekeepers score book.
It is the responsibility of each team to enforce the rule that only Cleared Parents are allowed to enter the playing field or dugout during the games and practices.